Rapidweaver3.6.3 Public Beta Build1384

Rapidweaver3.6.3 Public Beta Build1384が出ました。

  • Application Updates
    • Added SFTP public key authentication to Publishing window
    • "Uses Master Style for Theme" is now supported in the "Apply to All…" pages feature.
    • Advanced options tab added in Preferences window
    • Image Normalisation option added to help with large sites
    • Added an option to allow developers to watch all theme files
    • Quicktime movie handling is now much more stable
    • Snippets text field is now resizable
    • Cancelling an export involving a Blog page now works much faster
    • Blog page no longer emit summaries twice for tag, category and date archive pages
    • Fixed an error on export that occurs when trying to export links (such as a Podcast) to a Blog page
    • Fixed an issue whereby the "Replace Page" feature would simple add a new page
    • Fixed an instability during (or after) exporting a Photo Album page
    • Fixed a possible crash when creating a new document or opening a document
    • Fixed an issue where Aperture support would somtimes crash RapidWeaver
    • iFrame page now correctly marks the page as changed if the page's width or height is changed
    • Moved "Clear Publishing Cache" option to Site menu
    • Various Theme Fixes



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