RapidWeaver 4.1 RC1

RapidWeaver 4.1 Release Candidate 1 (RC1) がリリースされました。クイックルックがサポートされています。(どの部分がクイックルック出来るのかわかりません…。)
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  • Added Quicklook support.
  • Styled text view now supports a pre-defined image drop size.
  • Fixed “Uncaught system exception: Signal 11” error while publishing.
  • Images pasted into a Styled Text area now retain their preferred (i.e. Finder) filenames.
  • Significantly improved file loading speeds.*
  • Now using Sparkle 1.5b4 for updates.
  • Fixed issues with publishing Keychain.
  • Snippets window now shows HTML preview in list view.
  • iMedia Browser now runs on PPC Macs.
  • Favicon and Site Logo no longer publish, even though Smart Publishing is on.
  • .Mac is now refered to as MobileMe.
  • Significantly improved and simplified MobileMe publishing.
  • RSS feed now uses the blog summary not the main entry.
  • Page inspector is now updated if a page is replaced.
  • Added copy/paste support for Blog tags.
  • Changing the blog’s category name now marks the page as change.
  • FTP path no longer resets it’s self to “/” if it was previously left blank.
  • Fixed issue with Contact Form repeating text.
  • Fixed an issue with the Blog editing behaving sluggishly while editing.
  • Blog entries now output all their categories in the RSS feed.*
  • Fixed an issue with the Blog archive missing random posts.
  • Fixed an issue with the Blog plugin not saving date localisation settings correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with the Blog plugin not saving preferences correctly.
  • Contact form now displays emails correctly (PHP stripslashes function now used).
  • Fill colour in Media Inspector is now optional.
  • Google Analytics code is now correctly included on single photo album pages.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the last blog entry could not be removed.
  • Fixed an issue where formatting a list using inline styles would cause text after an unordered list to be ignored.
  • Numerous other bug fixes.*

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