RapidWeaver 4.3 Beta 1 がリリースされました

RapidWeaver 4.3 Beta 1 がリリースされました。全部翻訳したところでフリーズしてしまってもう気力が無いので原文だけ載せておきます…。

Realmac Software | RapidWeaver 4.3 Beta 1 Now Available!


New Features
  • Snow Leopard compatibility*
  • Added the ability to add and edit links in Styled Text views via the right-click contextual menu
  • The right-click contextual menu now exposes the default commands for searching Google & Spotlight, Dictionary lookup, suggested spellings, etc…
  • RapidWeaver now uploads all the assets relating to a site, and then uploads the pages themselves to ensure that pages display correctly when published
  • Google Analytics code is no longer output when previewing within RapidWeaver to prevent pageview number inconsistencies
  • When searching blog posts a space is now treated as an AND operation
  • Added suffix matching to the blog search function
  • Better error reporting when uploading to MobileMe, and some small improvements to MobileMe publishing.
  • No longer bounces the dock icon when publishing completes
  • No longer Growls “success” when publishing fails

* Third-party plugins are currently not tested - please contact the developers in question if you encounter issues with any third-party addons.

Bug Fixes
  • The page list is now update immediately when a page name is changed via the page inspector
  • Respects the “original format” setting when exporting images on Intel machines
  • Fixed a bug where the document wasn’t marked as changed when changing settings in the page inspector
  • Fixed a bug where RapidWeaver would fail to launch in some cases (the console was complaining about Garbage Collection being enabled)
  • Fixed a bug where some error dialogs were presented twice
  • Fix for a bug where a plugin failing to load could leave RW in an unknown state
  • Fixed an error when previewing pages with spaces in the filename
  • Fixed a bug where new pages didn’t have unique page names
  • Fix for links that were missing intermediate folders from their paths [particularly assets]
  • Fixed a crash when changing a theme with more then 1 document open
  • Fixed a crash when deleting or duplicating a theme

Styled Text
  • Audio-only MOV files now display correctly in Styled Text pages
  • Fixed a crash when exporting styled text using the <embed> tag

  • Photo Album
  • Photo album now handles exporting portrait photos correctly
  • Photo album now respects the square thumbnail option when exporting
  • Fixed bugs in the Photo Album export that could introduce artifacts into the output images (due to rounding errors)
  • Restored the ability to reorder images in a photo album

Contact Form
  • Improved PHP4 support in the Contact Form plugin
  • Contact Form’s inspector is no longer clipped (visual glitch)

Known Issues
  • This build is not localised
  • Software update will not work.

このエントリはRapidWeaver4.3 Beta1で書きました。
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